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Fabriah Hair and Beauty Rooms

The Fabriah Hair and Beauty Rooms at de Gruchy may be one of the island’s greatest secrets, tucked up on its own special floor (accessed via the sweeping staircase beside Infusion coffee shop).

Fabriah offers a plethora of hair and beauty treatments, from luxury pedicures and manicures, massage and facials to incredible microdermabrasion.  Receive the best top to toe treatments, all available from Fabriah at de Gruchys.

For more information or to book, contact us on 01534 818802 or 01534 818825



Our Brow Artists are expertly trained to use unique combination of Threading & Waxing to “Create the Perfect Arch” to frame your face.

Achieve a “mini face lift in under 15 minute” with a great brow shape.

Semi- Perm Lashes

Achieve longer, fuller, darker, voluminous lashes to leave you fluttering. Semi- Permanent Lash Extensions are a fantastic long term solution for bolder lashes without mascara. Whatever your current lash condition, be it sparse or short, you can, “Transform your lashes” to suit your lifestyle and ooze glamour always.

Brow & Lash Tinting

A simple and painless treatment, using a dye to tint your brows & lashes. Highly recommended for people with fine hairs to enhance the appearance of your eyes and brows for a “natural finish”.

Manicures & Pedicures

Relax with one of our indulgent nail treatments. We provide a beautiful colour range by professional favorite nail brand, OPI. You can achieve chip resistant, long lasting, “Glossy nails in under 15 mins”.

For more information or to book, contact us on 01534 818 843


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For more information or to book, contact us on 01534 818802 or 01534 818825


The Brow Studio Awards:

Harpers Bazaar Hot 100 2013- Best Brow Service

Irish Tatler Beauty Awards 2014/15- Best Brow Brush- The Red Sable Brush

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016- The Brow Strengthener

Attracta Beauty Awards 2016 – Favourite Eyebrow Brand