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The rise of the smart phones, touch screens and wireless connection has put the world at our fingertips. Almost all essential documents shrank to pocket size. We carried less, but what we carried was held dearer than ever before.

RFID / NFC protected

Modern cards, such as travel cards, credit cards contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. These RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards increase convenience, but consequently the risks too. They can be read, activated and cloned from a metre away, without you noticing.

 New era of technology calls for a new type of wallet. One that protects your cards and money, but also your privacy. We’ve continued to merge our backgrounds in fashion and product design to create award winning  pocket-sized essentials. Our Card protector, the aluminium heart of all our wallets, protects your cards from these kinds of unwanted wireless communication.

Secrid Card Protector Red - UK £24.95 deGruchy £22.45

Secrid Miniwallet Stitch Linea Caramello - UK £99.95 deGruchy £89.85

Secrid Miniwallet Vintage -  UK £49.95 deGruchy £44.95

Secrid Miniwallet Stitch Magnolia Rosso - UK £99.95 deGruchy £89.95

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