Global GSF-15 Peeling Knife

Global GSF-15 Peeling Knife
Global Global GSF-15 Peeling Knife


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Featuring an 8cm spear point blade perfect for peeling a multitude of fruit and vegetables.


Peel with precision. The GSF-15 Peeling Knife features an 8cm spear point blade perfect for peeling a multitude of fruit and vegetables. This versatile tool can also be used for preparing and shaping vegetables.

As part of the Global GSF Series this must have tool is part of Global’s range of smaller knives with solid handles. This collection has been specifically designed to be used with those smaller food items.

Global’s expert grade knives have been made to the highest specification with quality materials and innovative techniques. They are the ultimate for strength, precision and style.

The Cutting Edge

Popular Western style knives use a bevelled edge. The Global knives challenge this traditional method and offer edges that are ground steeply to a point and to an acute angle. The result is a dramatically sharper knife which remains sharper for longer period of time.

Weighted Hollow Handles

In order to balance their knives Global use a hollow handle and fill it with just the right amount of sand. Global believe this method to be more accurate than the customary tang and a bolster.

Smooth Contours

The sleek stainless steel design is seamless, abolishing grime traps for a safer and more hygienic kitchen environment.


Global knives are made from CROMOVA 18. This exceptional high carbon stainless steel has been designed by Yoshikin exclusively for Global knives. It is hard enough to hold the steep, acute Global cutting edge but soft enough to sharpen without difficulty. The material contains 18 percent chromium which contributes to Global's excellent stain resistance.

Global kitchen knives date back to 1985 and were designed by Komin Yamada. His intention was to create an exceptional range of knives for the professional and amateur chef alike. The unique product designs take inspiration from ancient Japanese swordsmiths and their art of producing strong, sharp blades.

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