Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer

Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer
Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer
Tower Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer


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Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer


Tower T19015 Electric Plate Warmer

Heat up your plates in minutes and keep them warm with this 12 Piece Electric Plate Warmer.

Featuring six double insulated cotton sleeves, you can fit up to 12 full size dinner plates by placing two in each sleeve. Warming plates up to 70 degrees, this plate warmer evenly heats your dinner plates, keeping them at the perfect temperature for when you are ready to serve.

Providing the perfect catering companion for any event or family gathering, this 12 Piece Plate Warmer is ideal for when you are hosting an evening with friends, enjoying Christmas lunch with the family or simply short on space and time in the kitchen. With plug-in functionality, there’s no need for the microwave, enabling table or countertop usage.

With built-in humidity protection, you can be sure that your plates stay warm and dry whilst the cool touch cotton sleeves provide optimum safety during use. What’s more, the easy to remove sleeves are also ultra-easy to clean, requiring just a simple brush down.


  • Warm up your dinner plates up to 70 degrees in no time for the perfect serving
  • Holds up to 12 dinner plates, ideal for multiple portions and courses
  • Double insulated with humidity protection for optimum temperature
  • Cool touch cotton sleeves offer safety during use
  • Easy-to-remove washable sleeves
  • 3 years guarantee
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