Gifts for Big and Little Kids



This best selling red moresorts, now BIGGER and better! This mega share bag contains 1.3KG of fruity flavours!

No black liquorice inside!

UK RRP: £19.99

OUR PRICE: £17.99


MIlk chocolate

Recognized across the globe since 1935, Monopoly is the undisputed king of board games.

A nice playable version of the original where you can eat the won streets and stations. Pure indulgence!

The box contains the adapted Monopoly game; game board and 24 milk chocolate playing cards, 40 regular cards, and 1 arrow spinner.

UK RRP: £9.99

OUR PRICE: £8.99

red 5

twister lamp

Ideal in many rooms, this Twister Lamp is lit by energy saving LED lighting and produces a mesmerising pulsing effect to sooth and calm wherever it is placed. Standing 36.5cm tall, this lamp is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and even child’s rooms to exude a soothing glow.

With a USB cable included, this lamp can be plugged into any USB compatible device including powerbanks, laptops and adapters.

This Twister Lamp will make an ideal gift for anyone who like to set an ambient atmosphere and enjoys swirling, beautiful lighting. Get yours today.

UK RRP: £11.99

OUR PRICE: £10.79

harry potter

cheese toastie maker

Grilled Cheese just got special. This Harry Potter single sandwich maker puts a silhouette of your favorite young wizard's eyeglasses on your pressed grilled cheese sandwich. All Harry Potter fans will love our Glasses Single Sandwich Maker. The sandwich maker is compact, easy to use, and clean.

UK RRP: £24.99

OUR PRICE: £22.49

construct and create

boxing bots

The Hydraulic Boxing Bots are powered by advanced hydraulic systems, providing lightning-fast punches and dynamic movements that mimic real-life. Control your bot with precision through intuitive remote controls, allowing you to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts with ease, all while dodging your opponent's blows.

UK RRP: £34.99

OUR PRICE: £31.49


snakes and ladders

This Wooden Snakes & Ladders game is made from FSC wood, and folds to a compact size, easier for storing and traveling! Perfect for the whole family!

UK RRP: £17.99

OUR PRICE: £16.19

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